Commercial Roofing FAQs

Commercial Roofing FAQs

Maintaining a solid and well-functioning roof is vital for any commercial property. As a business owner or property manager in Maryland, you likely have numerous questions about commercial roofing. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive Commercial Roofing FAQ to address your concerns and provide you with insights into the world of roofing. 

Welcome to MARS Restoration’s guide to all things commercial roofing in Maryland.

commercial roofing questions in Maryland

What are the common types of commercial roofing systems?

Commercial roofing options are diverse, each suited to different needs and preferences. The commonly used types include:

  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR): Multiple layers of asphalt and reinforcement materials create a durable and weather-resistant membrane.
  • Single-Ply Membranes: These include EPDM, TPO, and PVC, offering energy efficiency and ease of installation.
  • Metal Roofing: Durable and long-lasting, metal roofing systems come in various materials like steel, aluminum, and copper.
  • Modified Bitumen: An evolution of BUR, modified bitumen combines asphalt with synthetic materials for enhanced flexibility.

How often should I inspect my commercial roof?

Regular inspections are crucial to identify potential issues before they escalate. We recommend a bi-annual inspection – once in the spring and once in the fall – to address any weather-related or aging concerns promptly.

What factors affect the lifespan of my commercial roof?

Several factors contribute to the longevity of your roof, including the type of roofing material, installation quality, maintenance frequency, climate, and exposure to elements like UV radiation and moisture.

How can I spot signs of roof damage?

Look for signs such as water stains on ceilings, cracked or missing shingles, blistering, mold growth, and visible wear and tear. If you notice any of these issues, it’s essential to schedule a professional inspection and repair promptly.

Should I repair or replace my commercial roof?

This decision depends on the extent of damage, the age of your roof, and the cost-effectiveness of each option. Repairs are suitable for minor issues, but if your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or has significant damage, replacement might be the better choice.

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How can I prevent roofing problems in the future?

Regular maintenance is key. Keep gutters clean, trim nearby trees, inspect for cracks, and address any issues promptly. Professional roof inspections can help catch problems early, preventing costly repairs later.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor?

Professional contractors like MARS Restoration offer expertise, access to quality materials, proper tools, and the necessary licenses and insurance. They can assess your roof’s condition accurately and recommend appropriate solutions.

Is roof ventilation important for commercial properties?

Absolutely. Proper ventilation extends the lifespan of your roof by regulating temperature and preventing moisture buildup. It also enhances energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

How do I choose the right roofing contractor?

Ensure the contractor is licensed, insured, and has positive reviews. Look for experience with commercial projects, familiarity with different roofing systems, and a commitment to quality workmanship.

What can I expect during a roof installation or repair?

A professional contractor will typically start with a thorough inspection to assess the scope of work. They’ll provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline. During the process, expect regular communication, adherence to safety protocols, and a well-organized work site.

Your commercial roofing concerns are valid, and addressing them promptly can save you both time and money in the long run. MARS Restoration, based in Maryland, is your reliable partner in ensuring the longevity and reliability of your commercial roof. From inspections to repairs and replacements, we offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with our expert team. Your roof’s health is our priority.

5 Steps to Take After a Storm Damages Your Roof in Maryland

5 Steps to Take After a Storm Damages Your Roof in Maryland

When Mother Nature unleashes her fury in the form of a storm, your roof often takes the brunt of the damage. Storms in Maryland can be particularly harsh, causing severe destruction to residential and commercial roofs alike. If your roof has been affected by a recent storm, it’s crucial to act swiftly to prevent further damage and protect your property. In such situations, MARS Restoration, a trusted name in Maryland’s roofing industry, offers valuable guidance on the essential steps you should take after a storm damages your roof.

Step 1: Inspect the Damage

As soon as the storm has passed and it is safe to do so, conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to assess the extent of the damage. Keep in mind that inspecting a roof can be hazardous, so exercise caution and consider hiring professionals like MARS Restoration to perform a comprehensive inspection on your behalf. Their experienced team will identify any visible or hidden issues, such as missing or damaged shingles, leaks, punctures, or structural problems, and provide you with an accurate assessment of the damage.

Step 2: Document the Damage

Once you’ve assessed the damage, document it extensively with photographs or videos. This documentation will be invaluable moving forward. Capture both close-up shots and wide-angle views to provide a clear representation of the damage. It’s crucial to document the condition of your roof before any temporary repairs are undertaken, as your insurance provider may require evidence of the initial damage.

Step 3: Temporarily Secure Your Roof

After documenting the damage, it’s essential to take immediate action to prevent further deterioration. Contact MARS Restoration, who can quickly respond to your emergency roof repair needs. Their team will make temporary repairs to secure your roof and prevent water from infiltrating your property. These temporary fixes may include applying tarps to cover holes, sealing leaks, or reinforcing damaged areas, ensuring your property remains protected until permanent repairs can be completed.

storm damage roof repair in Maryland

Step 4: File an Insurance Claim

With the evidence of the damage and temporary repairs in hand, contact your insurance company to file a claim. Your insurance provider will assign an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the coverage you are eligible for under your policy. Be sure to provide the documentation you collected during the inspection to support your claim. 

Step 5: Schedule Permanent Repairs

Once your insurance claim has been processed and approved, it’s time to schedule permanent residential roof repairs for your roof. Rely on the expertise of MARS Restoration to undertake the restoration work promptly and efficiently. Their team of skilled and licensed professionals is well-versed in handling storm damage repair, utilizing high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to restore your roof to its pre-storm condition. Timely repairs are crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your roof.

Bonus Step: Consider Roof Upgrades

While repairing storm damage, it’s an excellent opportunity to consider roof upgrades that can improve your roof’s durability and resilience in the face of future storms. Discuss with MARS Restoration about options such as impact-resistant shingles, metal roofing, or additional protective coatings that can enhance your roof’s ability to withstand severe weather conditions. Investing in these upgrades now can save you from potential headaches and future expenses.

When a storm damages your roof in Maryland, taking prompt and appropriate action is vital to protect your property and ensure a smooth recovery process. Following the steps outlined above, with the assistance of MARS Restoration, will help you navigate the aftermath of a storm effectively. Our experienced team will complete permanent repairs with precision and efficiency. Remember, the key to minimizing storm damage is acting quickly and relying on the expertise of professionals like MARS Restoration to restore your roof to its former glory.

How Much Will I Pay for a New Cedar Roof in Maryland?

How Much Will I Pay for a New Cedar Roof in Maryland?

When it comes to adding beauty, durability, and natural elegance to your home, few roofing materials can rival the timeless appeal of cedar. Cedar roofs, available in both shake and shingle styles, have become a sought-after choice for homeowners in Maryland. Not only do they exude rustic charm and aesthetic appeal, but they also offer exceptional longevity and weather resistance.

cedar roof installation in Maryland

Cost of a New Cedar Roof

If you’re considering investing in a new cedar roof in Maryland, you’re likely wondering about the costs involved. MARS Restoration, a reputable roofing company in Maryland, offers new cedar roof installations at a price range of $8,000 to $20,000. This range includes the materials, labor, and other necessary components to complete the installation professionally. Keep in mind that the final price may vary based on the following factors.

Factors Influencing Cedar Roofing Costs 

The cost of a new cedar roof installation can vary depending on several factors. Some key considerations that impact the pricing include:

  1. Roof Size: The larger the roof, the more materials and labor will be required, leading to higher costs.
  2. Roof Complexity: Steep roofs, multiple roof levels, and intricate architectural features can increase the complexity of the installation process, resulting in additional expenses.
  3. Choice of Cedar: The type of cedar used for the roofing material can affect the price. Western Red Cedar is often considered the premium choice due to its natural resistance to decay and insect damage.
  4. Accessibility: If your property poses challenges in terms of accessibility, such as limited parking or difficult maneuverability, it can contribute to increased labor costs.

Understanding Cedar Roofing: A Timeless Choice 

Cedar roofs have a long-standing reputation for their natural beauty and durability. Cedar shake and shingle roofing offer distinct advantages that make them a popular choice among homeowners. Cedar shakes, with their rustic, irregular look, provide a classic and rustic appearance that complements various architectural styles. Cedar shingles, on the other hand, are uniform in size and shape, offering a more refined and sleek aesthetic.

cedar roof cost, cedar roof installation, Maryland
Cedar Shake vs. Cedar Shingle: Choosing the Right Option 

Both cedar shake and shingle roofs offer unique advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and architectural style. Cedar shakes are known for their rugged appearance and exceptional durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. They provide excellent insulation and can last for several decades with proper maintenance.

Cedar shingles, on the other hand, offer a more refined and uniform appearance. They are typically thinner and lighter than shakes, making them easier to install. While shingles may require more frequent maintenance compared to shakes, they still offer impressive longevity and can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Benefits of Choosing MARS Restoration 

MARS Restoration stands out as a trusted roofing company that specializes in cedar roof installations. With our extensive experience, skilled craftsmen, and commitment to quality, we ensure that every project is handled with utmost professionalism. Moreover, MARS Restoration offers comprehensive warranties to provide homeowners with peace of mind and protection for their investment.

Investing in a new cedar roof for your Maryland home not only enhances its curb appeal but also adds long-lasting value. MARS Restoration, with its expertise in cedar roofing, offers homeowners an opportunity to transform their properties with the timeless elegance and durability of cedar shakes or shingles. By choosing the right cedar roofing option and relying on the expertise of a reputable company, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of a new cedar roof for years to come. (You might want to have a new siding! Check our article about new siding costs in Maryland.)

3 Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company in Maryland

3 Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company in Maryland

When you choose to leave your roofing needs in the hands of professionals, don’t you want them to be in the hands of people you can trust? Finding trustworthy local roofing contractors can seem like a daunting task. When it comes to an investment as important as your roof, we all want to know that we’re getting the best people for the job. That’s why it’s best to choose reputable roofing contractors in your area. Here are some of the benefits of hiring local experienced Maryland roofing contractors.

local roofing company Maryland

They Love Their Community And Come To Aid In Disasters

When people buy local, they’re choosing to support the community in which they live, so why shouldn’t they extend that support to the local professionals in their area? The benefit of hiring a local contractor is that their services have already been thoroughly vetted by the community in which they work. By buying their services, you’re making it more likely that they, in turn, will have money to circulate throughout your community, maybe even for your goods and services!

Natural disasters can affect all our property, roofs take especially hard hits as the weather worsens. When you’ve got damage to your roof, you need a residential roofing contractor who can respond quickly. Contacting national contractors or those beyond your service area only delays the care of your roof. A local contractor can be on site within a few hours to begin roof repairs and advise you on the possible costs.

They Know The Locale And Its Building Codes

With their years of experience in your area, trusted roofing contractors usually have a pretty good idea of which roofs are most suitable based on your needs. While you might want to go for a particular kind of roof, a professional will quickly be able to advise you as to whether or not you have made the right decision. Local weather conditions in your area might mean that you need to make a different selection, so having somebody with expertise in local knowledge helps.

When a roofing contractor completes work on your property, you want to know that they are fully aware of all the local building codes. Because the laws vary from state to state, it’s essential to hire a contractor who knows how to operate safely and according to state rules. If local requirements aren’t met, then you could end up with unforeseen delays or have to pay extra money as the project stalls.

Accountability And A Personal Touch With Their Service

local roofing contractor, MARS Restoration Maryland

In an increasingly automated world, more and more companies are trying to rely on chatbots and FAQ pages to provide customer service, all to save time and costs. But local roofers are usually different. They pride themselves on providing personalized consulting services that speak directly to you as a customer, and that’s something that you may not get with the big national brands.

Most roofing contractors offer a workmanship warranty of roughly 2 to 10 years. But what happens when the out-of-state company you hired to replace your roof is no longer in town? By contracting a local roofer with ties to your community you ensure that if there are any warranty issues years from now they will still be there to back up that warranty.

Contact Your Local Contractors Today

Local contractors often have years, if not decades, of experience behind them. Repairing a roof is in no way an easy task. It requires an ability to adjust to the demands of the job on the fly. Experienced tradespeople are ideally positioned to deal with any of the challenges your roof presents.

If you’d like to request an estimate to assess the state of your roof with help from local experts, don’t delay, call MARS Restoration today!

Design Trends: 3 Popular Siding Colors to Consider for Your Maryland Home

Design Trends: 3 Popular Siding Colors to Consider for Your Maryland Home

One of the biggest impact details a homeowner can pay attention to is the visual exterior of their home. Curb appeal plays a huge role in a home’s value, identity, and community integration – not to mention a pivotal factor in maintaining the type of ‘welcome home’ comfort that makes an individual feel at ease in their own abode. However, maintaining a beautiful and meaningful exterior goes far beyond painting your house a color that you like. Change, renovation, and renewal of house exteriors are so important to keeping a home feeling fresh and presentable. If you’re looking to upgrade your Maryland home with fresh siding, consider our picks for the most popular siding colors this year!

siding color trends Maryland

First Considerations

When deciding on a siding color, there are a few things to consider before making that final decision:

Firstly, what is the architectural style of the exterior? Craftsman homes lean towards dark, moody colors, while modern farmhouses create a high-contrast look with bright white and dark accents. Picking the right colors to highlight architectural features on an exterior can add extra dimension and eye-catching accents.

Next, what is the overall aesthetic? Selecting the best siding color for an exterior can completely transform the overall feeling while giving an instant curb appeal boost. While this may be the hardest part of putting together an exterior color palette, we are here to help! Keep reading to discover popular siding colors homeowners are looking for when building or residing their exteriors in 2023.

Warm & Earthy Colors

As homeowners are looking to add warmth to their everyday living areas, warm, earth tones are becoming highly sought-after siding colors. Warm, earthy siding colors create a cozy and intimate feeling, making the exterior feel more inviting for guests as they enter the home. These colors have a wide variety, like browns, oranges, reds, and tans, giving homeowners the opportunity to choose a siding color that highlights their overall style and home design.

Light & Airy Cream Colors

Create a light exterior without using a simple white siding color. Cream colors are more subdued while still giving that light and airy feeling to exteriors while adding a hint of color. And like warm, earthy colors mentioned above, these colors add a cozy and welcoming aura to exteriors while making the exterior appear larger. Popular cream siding colors can either be warm or cool-toned, giving homeowners an assortment, they can choose from when designing their homes. The subtle tones allow for pops of colors in accent siding pieces or a fun front door. It’s no surprise these hues are one of the more popular siding colors as they create a timeless exterior that will withstand trends year after year.

Lush & Vibrant Green Colors

siding design trends, Maryland

The last few years have seen a huge surge in green inside homes, which has begun making its way to exteriors, and there’s no sign of the popular trend stopping. The natural hues in green siding colors give the home the feeling of a soothing outdoor sanctuary, and they are finding their way into an array of architectural styles, like Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian. Overall, green emits a positive and uplifting vibe, making homeowners feel content as they pull into their driveways after a long, stressful day away.

Dark & Moody Colors

Dark and moody exteriors have become popular in Colorado and the Dakotas and the trend is sweeping its way across the United States, and we see the trend continuing to grow in 2023. Black, navy, and dark charcoal gray siding give any exterior a modern edge and provide the perfect backdrop for ways to add additional colors and textures. These dark siding colors can be given an extra dimension by mixing siding styles, like board and batten, shake siding, and horizontal lap siding to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. While dark siding is mostly found on Craftsman homes, farmhouses and even resides of traditional style homes are hitting the forefront with the boom in popularity of going dark.

Are you ready to see what new siding can do for your home? Call the experts at MARS Restoration today!

What Will a New Slate Roof Cost in Maryland?

What Will a New Slate Roof Cost in Maryland?

If you are looking to replace your current roofing material with something that will stand out, look no further than slate roofing. The benefits are many and the beauty is unmatched. MARS Restoration in Maryland is the expert you need when it comes to slate roofing. 

But, how much will slate roofing cost? In Maryland, the cost of a new slate roof could be between $300 and $600 per square. One square is equal to 100 square feet. Of course, this figure depends on the size of the home, the tear-off of the old material, and any additional costs determined by the contractor to properly complete the job. MARS Restoration in Maryland is the best roofing contractor to speak with regarding slate roofs. Our team of professionals has the training and experience to properly install your slate roof with ease and confidence. 

slate roof installation cost Maryland

Here is a quick breakdown of what the beginning cost could be for your sized home. 

  • 15 square roof – $4,500 to $9,000
  • 20 square roof – $6,000 to $12,000
  • 25 square roof – $7,500 to $15,000
  • 30 square roof – $9,000 to $18,000

What Exactly are the Two Types of Slate? 


Natural slate is a popular material simply due to its durability and long-lasting life. The natural slate is mined and cut into square tiles that are installed on your roof one at a time. You may have to wait until the slate is available since it is sometimes hard to come by. The weight of natural slate can be heavy on the frame of the home. Before fully deciding on this particular product, it would be wise to discuss the structure with your roofing contractor.  


Synthetic is a fraction of the cost of natural. Synthetic slate shingles are made of recycled materials such as asphalt and rubber polymers created to mimic natural slate. Chisel marks are included to give it a look of authenticity. The beauty of this product is that it is lightweight so additional support in your home is not needed. 

The Differences Between Natural and Synthetic

slate roof cost Maryland


A huge difference between natural and synthetic slate is the fact that real slate is not recyclable or reusable at the end of its life and can end up in our landfills. Synthetic slate, however, can be reused for a variety of uses. Here are a few ideas on how to reuse synthetic slate:

  • Edging around a garden
  • Pond lining
  • Outdoor mural
  • Plant markers
  • Birdhouse


As noted above, natural slate is quite heavy and when placed on a roof, may need extra support built into the frame of the home. It can cost nearly 300 pounds per square, which is a 10ft x 10ft area. Synthetic is approximately half that weight. That alone makes the cost more budget-friendly when compared to natural slate. 


That leads us to the price of synthetic vs natural. Natural slate can cost nearly twice as much as synthetic slate roofing. Again, considering the weight factor, the structure of the home may need extra support so that is an added fee as well. Natural slate tends to break off or become brittle therefore repairs are more often when compared to synthetic. Again, speak with the professionals at MARS Restoration for an accurate cost breakdown. 

Long Lasting

Synthetic slate tiles are fire resistant, impact resistant, and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as severe winds, strong storms, and beating hail. Natural slate tiles may have a difficult time keeping up with the durability that their counterpart can withstand. ‘Due to the strength offered by synthetic, the life span is nearly 100 years. This roofing material will most likely outlive the home itself! 

When it comes to slate, the beauty and appearance are stunning, however, the differences can make one stand out stronger than the other. Synthetic is lighter, more cost-effective, and easier to maintain than natural. 

Contact MARS Restoration in Maryland to help define other amazing factors that make up slate roofing. We are the roofing experts ready to assist you, with slate or any other type of roofing material. We have been serving the local area for years and are ready to help you with our expertise and excellent customer service. We are anxious to learn of your vision for a home and roofing project. Call us today and let’s discuss how a slate roof, whether natural or synthetic, can help you stand out from the other homes on the block.

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