Siding Repair

Transform the look and feel of your house with brand new siding and insulation.

Siding damage? We can take it from here.

Storm Damage

Siding is especially susceptible from wind damage, and in our area, that can be very common. Upgrade your siding with us to get lifetime warranties against any further damage. After our install, you’ll never have to worry about your siding again.

Repaired siding

Increase Your Property Value

Siding replacement gives the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home. We can easily add new insulation to your home without breaking down drywall which saves you money every single month. If your home has wavy or uneven walls, we are able to fix that during our repair process.

House with blue siding


Vinyl and

Clean Repair


Need Expert Help? That's What
We're Here For


My project went great. They explained how the process would work and told me in advance the expected time frame to complete my jobs. Sal, Eric and the entire Mars Restoration management team and employees were very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable.

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