From educational experiences to nature adventures, there are so many things to do in southern Maryland for locals and tourists alike.

Below is our top 10 list — and there’s something in it for everyone.

1. Visit Historic St. Mary’s City

St. Mary’s City was once recognized as the capital of the state. In 1633, England colonists set out from the Isle of Wight on the Ark and Dove, landing at the Old Point Comfort where they established their colony — St. Mary’s City.

Today, you can learn all about the history of this attraction while exploring historic ships up close, participating in colonial-style games, and learning about what farming was like during the 17th century.

Be sure there’s enough time to check out the brick chapel and archeological excavations as well.

2. Tour the Calvert Marine Museum

things to do in southern maryland otter

The Calvert Marine Museum is located in Solomons, and it’s a must for anyone wanting to learn about the maritime history of the Chesapeake Bay area. The museum itself is filled with plenty of engaging and interactive exhibits, including the locally renowned river otter showcase.

There’s even a Marsh Walk and on-site Wood Carving Shop.

3. Explore Wineries Along the Patuxent Trail

The Patuxent Trail is a pastoral roadway that’s flanked by incredible water views — and you can lazily stroll it with your choice of red or white in hand.

The wineries along this trail offer full-bodied wines rivaling that of Napa Valley or even Tuscany. All you have to do is put your walking shoes on and pick which end of the trail you’d like to start with.

We suggest making stops at Cove Point Winery, Running Hare Vineyard, and Fridays Creek Winery.

4. Catch a Game

The warm, blowing April winds only mean one thing in southern Maryland: It’s baseball season!

Watching the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs play is always a great time. They play at least 70 home games throughout the season — held at the Regency Furniture Stadium — which means you can catch a game anytime between April and September.

Bonus points if you have young children that like to read. There are several local educators in Southern Maryland that offer “Reading Bookmarks” where children can redeem points for a complimentary game ticket simply for meeting certain literary milestones.

5. Enjoy Jefferson Patterson Park

If you’re a lover of sunsets then it’s essential that you spend some time in Jefferson Patterson Park. The park is situated right on the Patuxent River, and it’s home to some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Of course, there’s plenty of time to explore before the sun sets, which means you’ll want to visit the Native American Village Museum, hike the trails, rent kayaks or paddle boards for St. Leonard Creek, and much more.

6. Get Your Thrills at the Maryland International Raceway

Located in the aptly named Mechanicsville, the Maryland International Raceway is where you want to be for exciting car shows, “showdown battles,” biker fests, and anything else that has to do with loud engines and fast cars.

You can easily find the raceway’s jam-packed events schedule online to see what your options are. Just don’t forget to bring earplugs!

7. Trace a Historical Assassin’s Escape Route

Right after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Jon Wilkes Booth made his escape on a daring route that took him from the Ford Theatre in Washington City deep in Southern Maryland.

things to do in southern maryland ford theatre

He wasn’t alone and the escape lasted a total of 12 days, and one of the most prominent destinations along this route is the Dr. Samuel Mudd House (now a museum). This is where he and his accomplice met Dr. Mudd, who tended to Booth’s injuries and allowed the two men to rest before continuing on.

We won’t spoil the rest of the story for you as you can get up close and personal via the local tours available through the Surratt Society.

8. Enjoy Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center

The Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center is a 30-acre property that’s home to some breathtaking meadows, forests, and wide-open fields. There are also plenty of paved walking and bike trails that allow you to marvel at unique outdoor sculptures.

There are also notable “Look Out” exhibits that will really make you stop and think for a minute.

9. Tour the Point Lookout Lighthouse

One of the most scenic areas in Southern Maryland is where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay. This is where you’ll encounter the Point Lookout State Park, which was once a Union outpost during the Civil War.

Here you can relax and swim at the beautiful beaches, visit the Point Lookout Lighthouse, fish off the pier, and take part in one of the park’s many outdoor activities — including rock climbing, cross-country skiing, biking, hiking, and more.

There are even campsites and lodges throughout the park if you’re looking to make a weekend trip out of it!

10. Learn About Aviation History

The Patuxent River Naval Air Station Museum, located in Lexington Park, is a great place for the whole family. The museum is filled with historic details on the region’s naval aviation and visitors can get up close and personal with historic artifacts as well as photographs, films, memorabilia, and more.

There’s also an intrinsic focus on the future as many exhibits feature research’s ongoing efforts and research in the field of aviation research, testing, development, and evaluation. But the real star of the show is the towering naval aircraft on display as well as a realistic F-14 Tomcat flight simulator. (Yes, you can try it out for yourself!)

Plan a Staycation in Southern Maryland

With so many things to do in Southern Maryland, you’ll want to make a weekend out of it — or even take an entire week to enjoy it thoroughly.

Of course, while you’re taking some much-needed time off to enjoy the local attractions, we can take care of your next home improvement project!

From inspection to completion, we’ll make sure the job gets done with care and experienced craftsmanship. What’s more, most home projects can be completed in just one day — although, we would still encourage you to take some extra time off to enjoy yourself.

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