Mars Roofing is a member of the Silver Spring community, and we love a good list of the fun things to do throughout the community.

These are some of the best things to do in Silver Spring MD. Check out our list and let us know if we missed anything. We’d love to add your favorite activities or attractions to the list as well!

9 Fun Things To Do In Silver Spring MD

1. Wheaton Regional Park

beautiful wheaton regional park during the fall; things to do in silver spring md

There’s just nothing like a good park. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a beautiful summer evening or take a brisk stroll to see the beautiful fall colors, Wheaton Regional Park is a Silver Spring favorite.

Wheaton offers various activities to those who visit, ranging from hiking and ice skating to picnicking and horseback riding. Better yet, there’s a train that travels through the park and allows you to see lots of nature centers, a conservatory, and the Brookside Gardens.

2. Silver Spring Library

While a trip to the library might not be something that seems exciting, it can actually be a great experience, especially when you visit the Silver Spring Library. Of course, there are loads of books and other similar materials that you can rent at the Silver Spring Library. The Library also features a cafe space, office space, emitting rooms, studios for artists, and more!

When visiting the library, you’ll get more than just a good book. You’ll get a great place to enjoy a good book as well.

3. Gateway to NOAA

A unique offering to the Silver Spring area is the Gateway to NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This organization “takes the pulse of the planet every day and protects and manages ocean and coastal resources.” Here, you’ll view different interesting and informative exhibits on weather and climate based on the different observations made by the NOAA.

4. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station

baltimore & ohio Rail train in maryland; things to do in silver spring md

Designated as a national historic site, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station is worth a stop. The railway station was used regularly from 1945 – 2000. It was a much less popular station than the large Union Station and, because of that, often carried more prominent passengers, including President Truman.

Today the railroad is preserved and operated by the Montgomery Preservation Society and the Silver Spring Historical Society. Seeing a railway from the 20th century is a great way to feel like you’re going back in time.

5. Matthew Henson State Park

A great state park to visit and spend a few hours hiking through is Matthew Henson State Park. The park is named after a Maryland native and arctic explorer. There’s also a trail named after Mathew Henson that stretches through the park. It’s often used by hikers and bikers looking for a great scenic route along Rock Creek.

6. Big Escape Rooms

For something a bit more proactive and exciting, you might want to try out an escape room. Escape rooms are great for parties and group team building. We love them for family fun as well. If you haven’t been to an escape room, then you might be wondering what they are. Escape rooms are like large puzzles that you have to work your way out of by finding clues and solving problems.

Big Escape Rooms has tons of great reviews. Try booking an escape room for your next get-together or hangout.

Great Restaurants In Silver Spring

burgers on a platter with fries copper canyon grill; things to do in silver spring md

What’s a day on the town without some good food and drinks? Here are some of our downtown Silver Spring favorites.

7. Copper Canyon Grill

Located right in downtown Silver Spring, Copper Canyon is a local favorite. Their family-friendly casual American dining experience is known for lots of tasty items but especially their rotisserie chicken.

8. Crisfield Seafood

Since 1945 Crisfield Seafood has been serving Silver Spring, Maryland. Some regular menu items and favorites include lobster and crab caught fresh off the east coast. This restaurant is a staple for anyone that’s been to the area.

9. TTT Silver Spring

IF you’re looking for fresh Mexican cuisine, TTT is a great spot! Most of their offerings would consider Mexican street food, but that doesn’t change how delicious it looks. Burritos, Bowls, Quesadillas, and more are their menu staples.

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