If you live in Maryland, there are different laws per state than you may find elsewhere.

Understanding the state’s specific rules in terms of permits, replacements, and landscaping work is essential to abide by the regulations set forth within a particular state or district.

Homeowners must understand how to get a permit for work, such as repairs or replacements. Fortunately, for those who live in Maryland, there are no requirements for a roof replacement.

When is a permit for roof work required?

For the entire state, Maryland does not require a permit specifically for replacing a roof. This is because the roof is considered a “covering” of the structural part of the home, not necessarily a structural or essential component of the house as a whole.

However, those who are interested in making changes to parts of the house need to look at the laws in their local jurisdictions, neighborhoods, and historical areas.

For homeowners in Maryland, the state code allows for two coverings to be installed over the roof itself. If there are two or more coverings, Maryland law states that new roofs must be the same level as the roof deck before adding another layer. If a homeowner does not abide by this law, they will not meet the state code.

Permit Requirements

A permit is required for a project in Maryland within specific categories. There are four types of project categories that can influence the need for a permit: Accessory Buildings, Home Improvement or Repairs, Miscellaneous, and Appliance Installations.

permit for roof shingles

Accessory Buildings

For accessory buildings, the following work requires the appropriate permits:

  • 150 square feet or bigger shed or bigger/attached to a building — Requires a building permit
  • Building a farm building for agricultural use — Requires an electrical permit

Home Improvement and Repairs (Fixing an Existing Roof)

For home improvement or repairs in Maryland, the following work requires a building permit:

  • Installing new sheathing
  • Installation of partitions and finishing a recreational room
  • Installing a fireplace
  • Building masonry chimneys
  • Building a masonry fireplace
  • Building an entranceway
  • Constructing a basement under an existing building
  • Building an above-grade patio or covers
  • Relocating stairs requires a
  • Building a pier or bulkhead requires a building AND grading permit
  • Replacing electrical wiring, switches, outlets, service entrance cables, circuit breakers, or kitchen stove exhausts all require an electrical permit

Appliance Installations

For appliance installations, the following work requires a permit:

  • Installing electric air conditioning, heat pumps, or an oil furnace requires both an electrical permit and a mechanical permit
  • Installing a gas air conditioning needs a mechanical and plumbing, and gasfitting permit
  • Installing a humidifier, well-water pump, electronic air cleaner, attic fan, or electric furnace all require an electrical permit
  • Installing a gas furnace requires an electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permit

Miscellaneous Jobs

For miscellaneous jobs, the following requires permits:

  • Building retaining walls, brick or block privacy walls, and fences over 4 feet high all require a building permit (the same permit for each)
  • Installing a hot tub, swimming pool, or freestanding radio or TV antenna all require a building and electrical permit
  • Installing an outdoor gas barbecue requires a plumbing permit
  • Installing a solar heating system requires a building, electrical, and mechanical permit

Furthermore, a permit is required for specific circumstances in Baltimore, Maryland:

  • All roof repairs within the Baltimore County Historic District, the floodplain, the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, and Baltimore County Landmarks List

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How to get a building permit for a roof replacement

If you need allowance for your specific work on your home — not just replacing a new roof or re roofing — then these may be permit worthy. For example, most jobs that require adding walls, structural changes, changing the piping of the house, or changing the use of a room may require a building permit.

Steps to Get a Re Roofing Permit

There are specific steps to follow when it comes to obtaining a permit in the state of Maryland:

  1. Fill out a permit application – You may need to contact the specific city council for more information.
  2. Prepare the site/house and gather the roofing materials for the upcoming project (adding a new wall, shed, changing the use of a room, etc.). You may need to work with only a licensed contractor to begin construction or inspection on your home.
  3. Schedule the plan approval appointment — This could be in the near future or several weeks for the jurisdiction to review the plans. Make sure your plan follows the local building codes or minor repairs.
  4. Get the permit in person – As a general rule, you will need to apply online and then get the re roofing permit in person.
  5. Schedule the inspections so the building inspector or contractor can verify the plans for the roofs and re roofing project
  6. Complete the project – Gather the necessary roofing materials or brand new roof to start the re roofing process with a verified contractor
  7. Obtain the approval through approved contractors or the local city contact

Conclusion: Do you need a permit for roof work in Maryland?

Do you need roofing permits for a contractor to repair broken shingles? How can you obtain roof permits for your upcoming roofing project?

Fortunately for Maryland residents, you do not need a permit for roof work, such as a roof replacement, re roofing shingles, a large-scale roofing project, or a re roof project. Even though it can be costly to have your roof replaced, you do not need a permit to begin construction on your repair or replacement job.

Instead, you only need to look at the other fixes and repairs that may require a permit application through the online permitting process. For some fixes, such as adding walls or changing a room, you might need a licensed contractor to check the plans, accept the permit online, and validate the completed project.

Do I need a roofing permit for my roofing project?

In short, no. Although some counties may require approval for other work that coincides with the structure, you do not need a roofing permit for your roofing project or roof replacement. IF you do need roofing allowance, make sure you get the correct one before you go through the application process.

For those who live in Maryland, obtaining a roofing permit for a roof replacement or re roof job is not necessary. Even if you have to replace shingles due to variable weather conditions, you can do so as soon as you want.