On average, an inspection typically ranges from 30 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the size of the roof, roofing materials, weather, and other circumstances. Homeowners can calculate how long a roof inspection will take by taking into account the different factors that can change the time frame. So, how long does a roof inspection take? This depends on a few variables.

Factors that influence the inspection time frame

There are a few variables which can influence how long a roof inspection will take on your house. Having your property inspected could take either a few hours or several hours.

Square footage

The size of your roof is the biggest determinant in how long your roof inspection will take. In simple terms, a smaller roof will take less time, and a bigger roof will take more time. If you use a professional contractor in your local area for the inspection, they will also take into account the gutters, damaged areas, broken shingles, missing flashing, and other structural concerns.


The second factor that can change the time frame for how long it will take to inspect your house is the accessibility of your roof. If your house is hard to get to, this can increase the time frame. Plus, if your roof is hard to access, whether due to the shape of the roof, surrounding environmental factors, or harsh weather, this can increase the time frame for the professional who is going to inspect the property.

Roof type

The third factor which can increase the time of how long a roof inspection take is the type of roof and the roofing material. If you have a gable or valley roof, this can take longer than a flat roof. For those who need new roof insulation, this can also increase the time frame for the person who will inspect your property.

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Why should I get a roof inspection?

If you are a homeowner and want to save money, you might be wondering – -why do I need to pay for my property to be inspected? In short, getting a thorough examination can help you prevent any further damage, long-term issues, unstable ground, or damaged parts that are not visible to the naked or untrained eye.

Getting a professional roof analysis from trained eyes can help you save money in the long run. If you prevent major issues from worsening over time, this can lead to a less expensive repair compared to a full-blown roof replacement.

First, homeowners should do their own visual analysis to see any problem areas on their house. Next, they should contact a local professional who can help assess the damage for a property owner who wants their roof inspected. Lastly, homeowners should pay for a professional roof repair or replacement to fix the visible issues.

What does a roof inspector check during a roof inspection?

During a roofing analysis, professionals will help check a few key aspects of your roof structure. Roof inspectors will keep an eye out for certain areas that are more prone to damage or are showing signs of wear and tear to prevent any substantial repairs or replacements, such as the attic.

The roofer will first look for structural issues that could lead to instability and an unsafe living condition, such as cracks, holes, or deteriorating parts of the roof. The main portion of this includes the vents, chimneys, and roof lights.

The next step includes the roofer analyzing the shingles, flashing, and tiles. If you have curled shingles, broken tiles, or missing flashing, this is a sign of deterioration, mold build up, and mildew growth.

Lastly, your roofer will check the inside of the walls for signs of water leaks, mildew growth, mold, and rot. When your property is inspected, this can help determine the problem areas.

Average Price of roof inspections

Knowing the average price of an inspection is key to budgeting ahead of time and getting a good deal. The average price of a roof analysis falls between $120 and $320 depending on the project tools, contractor methods, size of the roof, and geographical area.

The price can skyrocket as high as $600 if the contractor uses specific methods, such as infrared, and drop as low as $120 if you have a smaller house.

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How long does a roof inspection take?

Before you get your next roof inspection, it is helpful to have an idea of how long it will take. Of course, roofers have different timelines, but having a ballpark average is good to determine the repair time for roofs and inspections.

Roof inspectors can help identify structural problems, subtle problems, and everything in between. Identifying damaged flashing on your house, a small leak in the attic, or air conditioning leaks can help save minor problems from turning into major issues.

For areas that are constantly exposed to heavy spring rains, having a professional inspector perform roof inspections is key to avoiding a full-blown roof replacement.

Even though you might not feel like you have inspection time or money to schedule a roof inspection, having a professional inspect a roof can actually save you money and time in the long run.

Performing immediate repairs on your gutters, signs of damage, and deteriorating roofs can help keep your structure in tact. Work together with local roofers to help keep a small leak tiny, fix damaged flashing, and prevent a large-scale roof leak.

Factors to Consider Before Your Next Roof Inspection

Keep these factors in mind before you get your roof inspected:

Schedule a Roof Inspection Yearly

Schedule a regular analysis to prevent large issues from worsening.

Work With Local Roofers

Working with local workers to inspect a roof can help you keep costs low.

Know What to Expect

Don’t be surprised by how long a visual inspection takes – do some research ahead of time for the average time it takes to inspect and fix roofs.

Look at Your Attic

Ask the employees to inspect your attic space to look for signs of water damage.