Choosing a certain roof design is a huge decision. It’s a huge financial investment that can either protect the rest of your home or leave it vulnerable to the elements. So, how do you choose the right type of roof?

There are many roof types out there, but one of the most popular is the hip roof. Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for contemporary homes, the hip roof can greatly increase your curb appeal. Today, we’ll be discussing what to consider when it comes to selecting a hip roof for your next project.

What Is a Hip Roof? 🤔

A hip roof has four downward sloping sides, with no flat face along the roof. The hip roof is one of the most commonly used roof styles in North America, after the gable roof. The gable roof differs because it has only two sides that slope downward, and the other two sides are walls that extend higher.

hip roof sky

Besides the hip roof and the gable roof styles, you have other roofing style options:

  • Mansard roof
  • Gambrel roof
  • Valley roof
  • Pavilion roof
  • Half hip roof
  • Dutch hip roof
  • Pyramid hip roof
  • Pyramid roof
  • Dutch gable roof
  • Clipped gable roof

You have a lot of options, but we’re focusing on the hipped roof today. This roof style originated in South East England, and because of that, it became very popular in North American homes. But throughout the centuries, why has it remained so popular?

✅ Benefits of the Hip Roof

Hip roofs offer a lot of advantages that you might not have considered. Here are the top three benefits of this style of roof:

Saves Space

Hip roofs are typically used on houses in neighborhoods or cities where space is limited. If you live in a very tight, crowded area, you may want to opt for a hipped roof when replacing your own.

Extreme Wind Resistance

This type of roof can also be used to protect buildings from high winds, making them a good choice for coastal regions. It’s self-bracing, which means these types of roofs need less vertical support than other types of roofs. If you live in an area with high winds, a hipped roof slope is often ideal.

Easy to Build

Many builders prefer building hip roofs because they’re generally easier to construct. If you decide you want this type of roof, your builders will often be happy and confident heading into the project.

hip roof shingles

⛔ Cons to Consider

This roof style is great for a lot of families, but there are some cons to consider before deciding to go with it. Here are the cons:

Less Attic Space

If you want a big attic, this type of roof slope is not for you. A gable roof has far more attic space. If you choose a hipped roof, you’ll have to accept the fact that you’ll be compromising on the extra space.

Isn’t Great for Snow

Unfortunately, if you live in an area with high snowfall, hipped roofs are generally not your friend. If you still want this style of roof, speak with your architect about specifically designing it to better withstand snow. You can also further support your roof with snow and water barriers.

In contrast, the gable roof is great for withstanding snow, which is why they’re popular in colder climates, such as New England and Canada.

More Expensive

Compared to gable roofs, hip roofs are more costly. They require more roofing materials, which makes them more expensive to build. However, depending on what area you live in, it can be a great investment to protect your home.

Choosing High-quality Builders 👷

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all your options when it comes to choosing the right style of roof for your home. But don’t worry—we’re here for you! We’ll help you determine what kind of roof style is best for your home.

No matter what roofing style you choose, we can help you repair or replace it. At Mars, all we want is for you to feel comfortable in your own home, knowing that your roof is constantly protecting you and your family. Plus, we’ll get the job done well and efficiently.

If you’re ready to trust our high-quality builders, fill out our contact form today to schedule your free roof inspection. We look forward to helping you fall even more in love with your home and taking the stress off your plate.