2023’s Best Roof Shingles Compared (Pros & Cons)

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Most homeowners won’t put a lot of thought into the shingles that are up on their roof. But, if you’re reading this, then you’re someone who does their due diligence and cares about their roofing.

Getting the best of the best on your roof might not be affordable and probably isn’t recommended in every case. But, getting the best bang for your buck is important, and we want to help you do just that. Here are our best roof shingles compared so that you can make a good decision for your home.

asphalt shingles


This list will compare the shingle’s durability and helpful tips on where the different shingles we mention should be used. We don’t have them in ranked order, so be sure to read the full list to find the right shingle for your home.

At Mars Roofing and Restoration, we’re certified to install every major manufacturer. This makes things easy and straightforward for you as the homeowner. It also allows you to be a little more picky when you’re trying to find the right shingles for your home.


Oakridge Shingles are best for your home if you’re looking for the best value possible while still getting an excellent quality product.

With a limited lifetime warranty and wind resistance up to 110 mph, these shingles can stand the test of time and provide your home with protection against harsh weather for decades. These shingles are also ENERGY STAR rated and provide your home with solar protection.

owens oakridge shingles

Source: Owenscorning.com


The Duration series of shingles from Owens Corning are flexible to fit the needs of almost any homeowner. All of these shingles are mid-range and offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Depending on where you live, there’s likely a shingle in this lineup that will best fit the needs of your home. Some of the shingles are designed to help keep your home cool, while others are built to withstand big storms and harsh weather. Ask your roofer about the different options.


The Berkshire Collection of shingles are for homeowners who want the best in terms of performance and protection. These high-end shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty that is transferable to new owners when you sell your home.

This line of shingles is considered to be one of the high-end options offered by Owens Corning. The shingles themselves have all the great features of their other brands, but they are designed to take on the approach of slate roofing. An upscale home with a slate-style roof might be exactly what you’re looking for.

owens berkshire shingles

Source: Owenscorning.com


This designer shingle from IKO also takes on the look of a slate roof. It’s a high-end shingle that has the best in protection and durability.

These shingles will be great for your home if you’re looking to get top-of-the-line quality and looks. The shingles will cost more than most options, but they also come with a lifetime warranty as well as wind resistance up to 120 mph. You can expect better resistance to weather as well.


A very popular architectural shingle offered by IKO is the Cambridge series. This shingle is best for homeowners that want a sleek and modern look.

In areas where there’s little to no snowfall, these shingles will hold up well for many years. They have all the benefits of IKO’s other high-end architectural roofing options and last for years. There’s a reason they’re one of the most popular shingles and why they’re loved by roofers all over.

iko cambridge shingles

Source: Iko.com


“Pinnacle® Pristine shingles feature comprehensive warranty coverage for black streaks caused by algae, damage from high winds, and manufacturer defects.” When you purchase these shingles, you can have peace of mind and a great-looking home.

These shingles are favored by many and work well in almost any weather condition.


If you struggle with storms frequently wreaking havoc on your home, then investing in a shingle that’s specifically designed to withstand storms is really important.

These StormMaster shingles will withstand the test of time and continue to protect your home for years to come. Rated to withstand winds up to 150mph and featuring class 4 impact resistance, these shingles will keep your home protected.

atlas shingles

Source: Atlasroofing.com


These GAF shingles look great, have a 25-year limited transferable warranty, are rated to 150mph winds, and offer stain guard and impact resistance. It’s no secret that GAF is one of the top shingle manufacturers in the world.

They’ve developed some great shingles for homeowners over the years, and these are some of the best.

gaf shingles

Source: Gaf.com


Looking for some top-of-the-line shingles that are specialized for durability and affordable pricing? These XT 25 shingles might be just the thing you need. They’re easy to install, last for a long time, and are a common purchase of DIY homeowners.


After 75 years of manufacturing experience, you can expect that Tamko is putting out some amazing and high-quality products. These Heritage shingles have been a popular choice for nearly 40 years and are a classic choice in the roofing industry.

When you choose Tamko, you’re getting long-lasting, weather-resistant shingles that look great on almost any home.

When you’re ready to purchase some new shingles and get them installed on your home, contact Mars Roofing and Restoration. We’d be happy to help you, and we’ll even provide you with a free estimate on the expected cost of the shingle installation.